Asie gourmet was created in May 2016 with the aim of becoming a producer of products inspired by Asian cuisine culture in France. To do so, we use quality European ingredients and traditional recipes, developed by our team to produce products that our customers want.




  • Halal Japanese Gyoza
  • Halal Skewered Chicken Balls
  • Halal Chicken Meatballs
  • Halal Vegetable Triangle
  • Halal Chicken Triangle
  • Halal Butter Beef Triangle
  • Halal Beef Triangle
  • Halal Skewered Butter
  • Halal Shrimp Spring Rolls
  • Halal vegetable spring rolls
  • Halal Cheese Spring Rolls
  • Halal Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Halal Stringless Butter

Product Advantages


The company has three unique advantages that can be trusted.

  • Variety Advantage

    Variety advantage: a variety of varieties, classification, packaging novelty, with the times, whether the price, packaging, or taste are adapted to local conditions, according to different regions and different levels of consumption of consumers, to create a diverse range of products.

  • Production Advantages

    1) Process: Traditional Asian production process, professional chef gatekeeper, the quality and stability of the products all reach superior standards. 2) Product quality: The company has French and EU safety production license, professional technical production...

  • Raw material advantage

    1) Spice advantage: selected high-quality imported Asian unique spices to ensure the original unique products. 2) Raw material advantage: the use of French and European raw materials meat, vegetables, dairy products, strict control of raw materials into the warehouse.